Transferring Files

Transferring Files

Transferring Files
Transferring files from system to system is one of the more common Internet activities. There are two main styles available, depending on what type of account you use.
Normally FTP is used to move files between Internet hosts. If you have a PPP accountthis is all you need.

For users with only a Login account, you may use FTP to move files between other sites and Value Net’s file system. You can use either X/Y/Zmodem or Kermit to move files between Value Net and your personal computer system. Our menu system has provisions for XMODEM and KERMIT.

In order to ensure that our system performance remain at optimum, these terms and conditions must be followed by all customers.
1.Customers may post as much of their own material as they can fit within the space limitations (1 Mb for PPP, 10Mb for Combo, 40Mb for WEBster). Additional space will be billed at $.25 per megabyte per month.
2.This space is solely for the use of the paying customer.
Reselling of the storage space or posting pages for other individuals or business is not allowed, unless by special agreement with Value Net.
3.WWW Data transfer limitations;
100Mb for the PPP account.*
250Mb for the Combo account.*
500Mb for the WEBster account.
*If traffic exceeds the specified amounts, the user will have to upgrade to a higher traffic account.
4.Data transfer from an account on (Webster account) will incur traffic surcharge if data transferred exceeds 500Mb per month. Traffic exceeding 500Mb per month will be charged at $1 per 10 Mb per month. This applies to both WWW and FTP traffic.
5.Customers may access statistics about the WWW site on-line. Contact Value Net support to get the URL