Value Net Software and Support Policies

Value Net Software and Support Policies

Value Net Software and Support Policies
We at Value Net are constantly working to improve our service and make the experience of using the Internet more enjoyable. As a result several changes have been made to simplify the software installation procedure and to make sure that we can support you properly.

With the proliferation of Internet software packages it’s impossible for us to be good at everything,(although we try) so we’re narrowing our scope to the most popular packages. For the PC, we can offer in-depth assistance with Netscape Navigator Personal Edition, and the Win ’95 dial-up networking software. Both of these are excellent, easy to use packages. idn poker 88

Customers signing up for a new account will, as always, have access to our support team to answer questions and correct errors that we might have made. We cannot give an unlimited amount of support, however, particularly for software that we do not sell and with which we are unfamiliar. We are now dividing support into “No Charge” and “Chargeable” services so that we can better support both categories.

  1. No Charge Services
    Answering “what is” questions, such as “what is the address of the DNS machine”, or “what is the phone number in Berkeley” or, “what is my user ID really”, etc.

We will make a best effort to help people setting up software that we have supplied or recommended. We do, however, assume that you have some experience in installing software packages and basic familiarity with the Internet.

Correction of problems for customers who have been previously running, but need something changed/fixed, or to verify that our end is working properly in case you are having trouble getting set up. Correction of Value Net errors is always no charge.

Anything else that can be done in a few minutes. This will be a judgement call by the support rep, and you will be notified before you make the transition to chargeable time.

  1. Chargeable services.
    We will charge $1 per minute, 5 minutes minimum, for the support of the following areas.

Help with software or hardware that we did not supply or recommend. Help with the basic usage of your computer not related to Internet usage. Help with usage of the Internet beyond basic connectivity. Help with HTML programming, scripts, CGI’s, etc.