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Value Net – General Information about Value Net
Welcome to Value Net, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to present our services.
Value Net is located in Walnut Creek California and is operated by TEC Communications, Inc., a 20 year old company which has been involved in computers and communications in this area since its formation in 1976. Our offices are at 2855 Mitchell Drive, #105, in the Shadelands Office Park. There is plenty of parking and easy access if you wish to come visit our facility.

Value Net is equipped with a network of Pentium processors running BSDI Software’s BSD/OS 2.1 UNIX, and FreeBSD 2.1 operating systems. They are interconnected via ethernet, and use Livingston terminal servers/routers in combination with our Cisco routers. We have two full T1 feeds to the internet, and use Microcom rack mount V.34/V.fc modems as well as Hayes Century 2 rack mount V.34/V.fc modems. All dial-up modem ports operate at 115,200bps. poker99

We attempt to maximize performance by distributing the load on the system across as many processors as necessary. As the number of subscribers increases, you will see various functions moved from combined systems to dedicated systems. We also have the ability to spread Login users across as many machines as are necessary to support the load.

Value Net is connected to the Pacific Bell frame relay network for access by full time users. This is the least expensive way of providing full time high speed access ($125 per month for 56kb). We can accept users from anywhere in LATA 1, a strip that extends about 50 miles inland from the coast and goes from South San Jose to the Oregon border.

Value Net provides the standard USENET news service for all subscribers, plus the ClariNet in USENET format.

AP Bulletin Line includes the full sports, entertainment and weather coverage from AP Online, plus regular summaries of the top stories in general and business news.

At Value Net we strive to provide the best value in Internet access. Our account options are constantly evolving. If you don’t see exactly what you want, call us at 943-5769. Our sales people will make every attempt to construct a service and pricing plan to meet your needs.